Jelly Roll Rug

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Sure, every new fashion from America arrives here someday. This time: a Jelly Roll Rug!


It takes a Jelly Roll and cotton batting. You can cut batting from the bolt in 2.5 inch strips or buy ready made rolls from Bosal Katahdin. You need 2 rolls of Bosal for 1 Jelly Roll, I didn't try it.


My husband wants for Christmas a rug for the kitchen. This rug will not be an oval (great - no fuss because of the rounding at the ends), but a very long rectangle - 100 inch long!

First I made a sample from scraps and batting from the bolt.


The technical details:
Jeans-needle (as recommended)
Superior SoFine top and bottom
for the worm: 3,5 stitch length
for the rug: Zigzag stich No. 5,   width 5,5    length 2,0

Of course I don't know how much the Bosal batting will shrink, but I will calculate the prewashed size with these shrinking-numbers.

And after 5 years I finally can use a Jelly Roll! Even two, the rug will be so big that I ordered two. Beautiful batiques   'Coastal Chic' by Maywood Studio.

I mixed the 40 strips so I could sew them together randomly.

It became a veeery long strip. The next step was laborious: I had to wrap the Bosal-strips into the Batique-strips. Some do this during the sewing but I found the result neater if I did it beforehand and used wonderclips. 
But the sewing was fast finished!


And the worm grew longer:



I need more than 2 Jelly Rolls for the rug, but don't know how much more.


The rug should finish at 25 inches x 98 inches.

That's about 40 worms with 98 inches length.
No idea how many worms in this length I can get of one Jelly-Roll!

So I transformed one Jelly Roll into a long worm and cut it into short worms (short = 98 inches). I got 17 worms.

Ok - I can get 34 worms out of 2 Jelly Rolls. I'm short of 6 worms.

6 Strips in 98 inches  =  590 inches strips.
I ordered 3 fabrics that should match with the Jelly Roll fabric. So all I have to do is cut 2,5 strips and mix them randomly with the 2nd Jelly Roll. In the end I mix the first 17 worms with the 23 worms and everything should look evenly. That's the plan, at least.

This is a ball made from one Jelly Roll. I just love that fabric (but my husband chose it - good taste!)

One Bosal-roll was long enough for 21,5 strips of the 40 strips of the Jelly Roll, so there is something left of the 2nd Bosal-roll:



Oh.  It has turned out that the three supplement fabric are so not at all compatible with the Jelly Roll fabrics.
Photos on a screen can be deceiving... I was sure they would go well with the Batiques.
What can I do? I have a fairly big stash of batiques (how could that happen? after only 5 years of quilting?). I auditioned them and several were ok, thank god. It was just enough.

These are 40 worms in 100 inch length:


Now the 40 onesies became 20 twosies:


And then the twosies became foursies and the foursies became eighties and so on....
and then it was a rug!


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