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The next bag:

The bag itself is no problem. After the Ultimate Travel Bag and the Get out of town I know how Annie constructs her bags.
This time I did not use standard quilt-fabric, but a thicker canvas, I couldn't resist the coi-carps. And the coordinating fabric is a batique. Together they are absolute gorgeous - and a killer.

It was easy to prepare the parts - but the problem started with the inner divider. The inner divider is not only made by these two fabrics but also by Pellon SF 101 (G700) - so there were 6 layers to sew through to make the folds. The 90er Top-Stitch-needle managed it just so.

But then!

The last thing todo is to attach the side/zipper-piece to the front part, attach the binding, turn it over and sew it down. I complained a lot during that part (it is 97 Fahrenheit here and I have no aircondition). The front part is very stiff, there are a lot of layers. I got the binding on too - but then the whole thing felt like a thick board of wood. No chance to fold the binding over and stitch it with the machine - that would have been two more layers of batique. I sewed it down by hand, no fun either with the batique and that thick carp-fabric.
And then...
The back is anyway more difficult than the front because you have to handle the big bulk of the front part when you put everything in the machine. But on this bag the back has much more parts than the front: the mesh-pocket with zippers and 6 straps (covered in batique...) it felt like a very thick board of wood! I cursed a lot and broke 3 needles during the sewing. I was relieved when the binding was on!!
Again I used my Applique-hand-needles to stitch the binding down. No fun.


But the result was worth it - the bag looks stunning!
I love the 3 ways to carry it - handles, shoulder strap or backpack. And what you don't need you can hide in the outer pockets.

I had some quilted fabric left, I made another Pencil case (by Annie).

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