By Annie: Daytripper 2.0

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As I said - I'm hooked.
The next pattern by Annie I sewed was the Daytripper 2.0.

I understood the pattern very good - only at one point I understood the words but not the meaning.

I wrote an email to the contact-adress on Annies homepage. And really, after one day I got a very long answer that solved my problem. Now I have the second beautiful bag!

During sewing:


The finished bag:

And another one!
My mother had asked me for a small bag, a very small one. She needs it for going to the supermarket, it should hold only money and the keys.

I made the Daytripper in Size S! It finishes at 8x8 inches. I did not make the outer zipperpocket nor the inner pocket, no need for that. Isn't it cute?

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