By Annie: Clam up

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Finally ! my friend from the States is visiting and brought me a lot of things; of course lots of quilt stuff, which I either don't get here in Germany or only with horrendous shipping costs.

Among them was the brand new pattern Clam up. 5 identical pockets in 5 sizes, which all fit into each other.


I started as a precaution with size M, I could not imagine exactly how big the bag would be with all these round curves.

That was a good idea - M is absolutely big enough for me (I probably won't make L and XL after all), but all parts had a nice reasonable size for practicing. After that, S and XS was very simple.

And anyway, the bag is super simple!  It looks so elaborate with this semicircular shape and the 2 side pieces, which should prevent the falling out of knickknack - it is sewn in no time.

And beautiful!!


I think these bags make an excellent gift. They need very little fabric, a little Soft&Stable and zippers.
Let's see what I'll do in December...



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