A test: a quilted scarf!

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When I made my very second quilt I already dreamed of a quilted scarf. But I had and still have no idea if that's possible. Will it be too thick? too stiff? too big? Does it look like 'selfmade by somebody who can't' ?

But the scarf stayed on my mind all the time. Until now.

I just love the Blooming 9 patch-Quilt. Maybe I can make a scarf using the leftovers?
I would have - but I had calculated the yardage much too exactly, the scraps were too small. But I have my stash!

Hm. Not easy, to find the fabric. I own only very few fabrics with a lively print. And these few are not in one colour family like the purple Blooming 9 patch. Oh well. The scarf will have no subtle colour-changes but very abrupt ones!

Of course I used EQ7 to design the scarf!

The pattern is super-easy, but there are so many rows...
I want to use wool for the batting. The scarf should be very warm and long for snuggling into it on cold winter days.
At least that's the plan.
Therefore I quilted very loosely, straight lines with a huge distance between the seams. It should be soft, not stiff.

After the sewing it was not! But that's ok. I don't prewash, I use lots of starch and 505. All these chemicals make my quilts very stiff after finishing them.

But it looks beauftiful!

And after the first washing?

Yes, considerably softer. I will post an update when I wore it for the first time.

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  • The Joyful Quilter
    The Joyful Quilter
    at 20.12.2019
    What an interesting idea. Looking forward to seeing the worn scarf!

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