Memorial quilts

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A family had asked me to make them three memorial quilts. Everybody gave something: shirts, trousers, jammies...

My problem was to design a quilt-layout which honored the gifted fabrics. They were mostly quiet and very different colors. And there was not enough to make three quilts.

Hm. I suggested a 16-patch-block and alternating blocks of one fabric. Sashing and border should be done in another fabric from the bolt.

OK! Everybody ordered fabric for his/her blocks and for the sashing/border. And these fabrics were definitely not quiet, but very bright!

The sashings and borders of the quilts have different withs and I quilted them with different quilt-patterns.

The result are three bright and lively quilts:


the backing:


While I was still busy handsewing the binding to the backings, Barbara published this blogpost:   Charleston, South Carolina, Open Air Market

Barbara is on a long trip across the US, together with her husband, her huge camper and two cats.
She found this vintage quilt on the Open Air Market (which is not open air after all):

I asked Barbara if I may publish her photo on my site and she kindly agreed.
As you see my idea for the layout is definitely not new :-)


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  • Hutzelwicht
    at 20.12.2019
    Hey Nina,
    die Quilts sind toll, das ist eine wunderschöne Erinnerung. Das finde ich einfach nur lieb von Dir soviel Zeit und Energie dafür aufzubringen, das ist mehr als Hobby !

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