Blooming 9 patch

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I want make a fast quilt for myself - a quilt for daily use without any regret. I mean, I use Nearly Insane and Farmer's Wife - but I want one that can go to pieces without feeling sorry.

So in between Dear Jane blocks I chose a pattern. I like the Blooming 9 patch - it's very easy to sew but the result can be stunning and unexpected.

6 weeks ago I had given in and bought Electric Quilt 7. Wow - this will be the first quilt I plan with EQ7! Without any fabric I ended with these two variations:

That's the final design:

We'll see what's in my stash and how this quilt will turn out!

Of course - there is nothing in my stash. Usually I buy about a half yard if I like the fabric, sometimes a yard, but never more (if I don't need the fabric for a special project).
But for Blooming 9patch you need a lot of fabric of each fabric. Maybe for the center colour you need less, but even the second colour already needs a lot. My blocks finish at 4.5 inches, the small squares in the 9patches finish at 1.5 inches. The quilt will be 90x70 inches - that means a lot of fabric!

Yeah - I found a reason to go fabric shopping!!!

By the way: I totally disagree with EQ7s measurements for the yardage. I have no idea how they calculate. But my calculation was right - I had enough of each colour and not much left after the cutting. If anybody knows something about their method of calculating - please tell me.

I want this Blooming quilt to be done in flower-fabric, only in purples, from very light to very dark.
And I found 6 fabrics. It took me longer than usual to choose the fabrics, they had to be very busy and full of different colours even if the main colour still is purple.

The sewing itself was easy and fast - I mean, just big squares and 9patches! But to put the blocks together was boring. These endless rows.... The 5 main rows measured 110 inches. That's a lot of row to press.

You can see the result on my floor, with bad lighting. I promise to take better pictures after the quilting!

This quilt will be washed quite often, therefore I quilted it even more dense than usual. I choose a leaf-pattern - though you might think they are hearts. But I meant leaves!


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Comments (5)

  • Margaret
    at 20.12.2019
    I love this, great job!!
  • Myra @ Busy Hands Quilts
    Myra @ Busy Hands Quilts
    at 20.12.2019
    This is an amazing quilt!
  • Mari
    at 20.02.2022
    Is there a pattern available for this quilt???
  • Teresa Sue NEWLAND
    Teresa Sue NEWLAND
    at 20.02.2022
    Your quilt is beautiful! I've been looking for a pattern, or at least the yardage needed! I can't afford EQ. Can anyone tell me where to find yardage info for making this quilt? I have been wanting to make one for the past couple years.
    • Nina
      at 20.02.2022
      Hi Teresa,
      I don't have a pattern. I just draw the layout with EQ, but of course it is so simple (9patches and plain squares) that you don't need EQ. Take some graph paper and draw your layout!
      If you have the number of small squares (for the 9patches) and big squares (for the plain squares) you can calculate the yardage. I cut mine 2x2 inches (small) and 5x5 inches (big).
      I hope that helps, Nina

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