Ayubowan Summer

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Anna gets a second quilt, this time the summer variation. That means a cotton batting instead of a wool batting and more light colors.

Ayubowan - ආයුබෝවන්

I suggested the double-irish-chain-pattern and she agreed.


Block A in the making:

Block B in the Making:


Oh well.

If you take a closer look and are familiar with the pattern, you can see that I made Block B the wrong way. I was lucky to discover it before I made the 20 blocks!

Okay - here is the real Block B.
And the back is so perfect - the quiltpolice would be happy!

The 40 blocks are sewed together, only the border is missing.

The sandwich is spraybasted on the floor!

And the same question as ever: how do I quilt the quilt?

Freemotion would be great - with all these huge white spots between the blue blocks. But I knew from Ayubowan Winter how bad freemotion works with the flannell backing. And I want to be this quilt as different from the first one as possible. So I chose straight line-stitching.

I started by making a test-sandwich, with shirt-scraps, cotting-batting and flannell-backing.

The winter-quilt got cotton-thread on the top, so the summer-quilt got Nylon-thread.

I checked the thread-tension on the test-sandwich until it was perfect. Perfect = the quilt is soft and snuggly, but the threads are still kind of tight without loops.

That's how it looked during quilting - a lot of quilt and a few of machine!


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    at 20.12.2019
    This is very nice.
  • Judy Blauer
    Judy Blauer
    at 20.12.2019
    I have never made this pattern, but I love the little pops of bright in with all the blue. Stunning!

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