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After the success with the sampler-quilt I dared to sew my first pattern. I had a beautiful Jelly-Roll-pack from hoffmanfabrics, all in black- and grey-variations. My husband wanted a twinsize-quilt.

There are a lot of Jelly-Roll-patterns in the Internet, we found one we liked at Cozyquilt. I expected a pdf-file in an email, but they sent the pattern with snailmail. The package included the yard-calculation. I don’t need that – Harriet Hargrave taught me to calculate yardage. I think I won’t buy a pattern again. Next time I just draw the pattern on grid paper!

I made one block while I was waiting for pattern. As it turned out, my guess was smaller than the ‘official’ pattern. Here you can see both blocks:

I deciced to make the center square of a scarf I bought in the Caribbean. It’s beautiful but huge, I can’t wear it around my neck. Better to use it for fussy-cutting all these turtles!

I won’t do that again – the fabric is so lose-woven, you can stretch that square into any shape you want to. I was glad to have the batic-stripes to  keep the squares in shape.

On these photos you can see the progress – all these beautiful blocks!

To achieve the final size I had to make wide sashings, a good place to add more turtles.

That’s the finished quilt – we love the colors! This time I used dark nylon thread in the ditch.

That way you can see the quilt-pattern also on the back:

We named the quilt Turtlebraids, due to the pattern and the cute turtles.


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