The very first try - I knew nothing and it shows!

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When I was in America, I bought 12 Fat Quarters at Walmart and paid only 99 cents for a FQ. I’m afraid I will never again find fabric that cheap. When I came home, I washed and ironed them. Then I cut each in 12 equally parts – equally in one FQ, not equally to each other. I thought I could settle that during sewing.

I spread them on the floor and pushed them around until I liked what I saw. But somehow during sewing I mixed up rows and blocks – the final result was very different.

And of course all the blocks have a different size – at least that I could ‘repair’ with the sashing and borders stripes.

Then the next exciting step: Preparing for quilting! Everything on the floor again, the back, the batting and the top. This first sandwich I actually basted with common pins. I don’t know how often I got pricked during basting and quilting. After that first quilt I bought the special quilting-safety-pins.

Let’s go quilting! I knew I had to make a roll. I quilted in the ditch and it went rather well – for a first try. It doesn’t matter, if the quilting is 1/8 inch next to the seam, does it?

If I see that quilt now I just shake my head. But for somebody who tries on her own without teacher or classes i’ts ok and I love it!

That’s my quilt on the back and front, after trimming and after binding.

As I said – I love it!


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