The second try - not better

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My second try was again by guess and by gosh.

My parents wanted a tablerunner, mainly in cream and some brown. That was all the specification they gave me. Since I can’t sew real patterns (how could you sew rectangle-pieces and have all seams meet?) I just made this pattern on my own.

I cut small brown squares and sew them to some of the creme squares, than cut away the overflow. The result looks like autumn-leaves on the ground.

These seams – almost no seam met the other.

Anyway, I started quilting. Again with a cotton thread that matched the quilt-top and back. I bravely quilted over the border – I can’t be bothered to stop there and cut the thread. Or, more acurately, I didn’t know how to.

I still had some of the brown fabric left and used it for the binding.

My parents think it’s beautiful. I think it is an example for non-existing-technique with a beautiful design.


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