The Sampler Quilt – I finally grasped the concept!

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After my fourth quilt I was fed up. How come that I see hundreds of photos of perfect quilts in the Internet but my own seams never meet?

I did some research in the Internet and found Harriet Hargraves books. The series is called ‘The Quilter’s Academy’. I’m a good student and started with The Quilter’s Academy Volume 1. That was the breakthrough! I devoured the book and followed every step. Well, almost. But whenever something didn’t turn out perfect, I went back to the book und searched for the position where I did not follow the procedure because I thought it silly or unnecessary. As soon as I follewed even this step, all blocks were perfect! So much to silly or unnecessary.

I was so happy with the top that that I pieced the back as well, just because now I can.

As to the Quilting: Harriet, my Guru, recommends Nylon thread for top thread (and cotton for the bobbin). The Nylon thread is veeeery thin – but if she recommends it, it can’t be wrong.

And it isn’t. Harriet recommends a grid-pattern for this sampler-quilt, you can see the pattern on the back.

Now that I have such a beautiful little quilt – what can I do with it? Store it away? Hang it on a wall? Remember, we’re still in december. My husband gave me a tiny little bluetooth-speaker for my smartphone. I have to transport that speaker very often – so it needs a cover.

Well, it has a perfect sampler-quilt as a cover now – which other speaker can claim that?

There was some fabric left and I like freemotion-quilting. So my kindle got a new cover too. The original amazon-cover is rather heavy in my bag. The quilt-cover is not.



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