The balcony-quilt

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What do quilters say? She who dies with the biggest stash wins.

During my first four or five quilts I didn’t understand that – how can you buy fabric if you don’t know what for and how much you will need?

That was long long ago (about 9 months).

My stash is not yet huge, but it’s growing constantly. For example I bought several red and green flower hayfields.

Now I have made my first scrap-quilt!

I needed a new curtain for the balcony. Our house does not have shutters and during the summer it can get very hot inside. That’s the reason I always have a curtain on the outside of the door to the balcony. The last one was faded and thin, I decided to quilt a new one.

I cut all the meadow-fabric and some leftover reds, greens and blues into squares and randomly pieced them together.

For the back I used very thin muslin. I quilted without batting in the seam.

Looks bright and sunny, doesn’t it?


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