Storm in the spring

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My parents didn’t want a traditional pattern for their bedquilt (though I think I can do that now) but a crazy quilt made with the Twister-Tool.

One sews a lot of squares together, cuts them with the Twister-ruler into smaller squares and sews these squares again together into a block.

My mother chose about 15 different fabrics for that quilt, one more colorful than the other.

To be safe I did not sew the whole quilt in one piece, but in smaller blocks. I ‘twistered’ these blocks and sew them afterwards. You can see what I did on the photos.

My parents planned to use this quilt actually as a bedcover, not a blanket. So I could quilt it very dense. Again I used nylon thread and stippeling. The result matters the fabric: funny and overwhelming!

You see more of the quilting on the back:

I named the quilt Storm in the Spring, it looks exactly like that.


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