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We needed a big placemat for picknicks. Not a quilt to sit on, but a mat to put on top of the blanket (we use a fleece-blanket for picknick).

I found some flower-fabric on a fair, bought some matching KONA-Cotton solids and started to sew.

During a trip to Holland I had bought the Logcabin-ruler of Marti Michell. This was the first time I used it. I had made my  first Logcabin-Quilt (Matildas Quilt)  like Harriet Hargrave had taught me — cut long stripes, sew them and trim after each step. With the ruler it’s much faster! And since I know to sew precisely (thanks to Harriet), all seams met each other.

But it was difficult to decide how to lay out the 15 blocks. I took pictures of the 5 options with my mobile, so the quality is not the best.

We chose the bias stripes.

The log-cabin-pattern offers a lot of possibilities to quilt it. For Matildas Quilt I chose the spidernet. This picknick-mat got the funny squares.

Let the next summer come!


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