Matilda's Quilt

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Matilda is the newborn daughter of my neighbors. Her quilt was my first attempt to tackle free-motion machine-quilting. I got the design for the quilt and the quilting-pattern again from Harriet Hargraves Book The Quilter’s Academy Volume 1. First I cut all the stripes.

After putting the blocks together the fun began: Arranging the blocks in a pattern! You can arrange the logcabin-blocks in so many ways. Here are two versions and the final layout:

The quilt-design is also from Harriets book. I started with straight and diagonal lines and nylon thread. After that easy task I quilted the spiderweb freemotion. Even with gloves (tipp from Leah Day) it was difficult.

On the back you can see where I my work was sloppy. But the spiderweb is not an easy pattern for a beginner! And I had no idea how to transfer the pattern onto the fabric (I had not yet discoved fabric markers), so it was hit or miss.

And on top of all I managed to put a piece of the batting into the quilting on the back. I couldn’t ripp off the quilting-thread, the stitches are to dense. So I cut the batting as close to the stitches as possible, but still you can see the white batting on the green.

The border I made with stippeling, I can do that best! You see the progress on the photos.

Anyway – the quilt is bright and beautiful!



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