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It’s funny – I love the traditional patterns but it seems I’m always making contemporary quilts.

This one was also for myself. On the Internet I read a lot about watercolor (or colorwash) quilts. I don’t want to make one of those. But I like the idea of light streaming across the top.

Step 1

I copied the 4 different fabrics on a copy-machine. I cut these copies into squares and triangles and arranged them until I liked the result. I wanted the effect of some sunlight (blossoms) over dark purple fabric.

Step 2

Piecing the top, was very easy. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the finished top.

Step 3


It was not easy to find a pattern. At that point I had only few templates and I wanted to use some of them. So I chose the cable-pattern. However, after I finished transforming the pattern with the marker-pencil onto the top I realizied I could have used the pieced pattern to make sure that the cables run straight. I’m afraid some of them did not turn out straigth. We’ll find out later. The space between the cables will be filled with a simple grid-pattern. As you can read, I finally caught up with creating my internet-site and my actual quilting. So I will continue to post pictures of that quilt, it is still on the frame.

After I started quilting, I took a handquilting-class at Esther Millers. I knew already how to handquilt. But I wanted to spend some days with other women who love quilting like I do. And the class met my exptectations! Who else is willing to talk about patterns and fabric and quilts for days? And in addition there was a wonderful countryside and the great charisma of the Amish woman Esther Miller. All participants were thrilled, we will all recommend her classes from now on.

After the class my stitches were considerably smaller. And Esther showed us a new method to cover the threads (no more knotting and hiding in the batting).

Almost done -

Done!  Finally the quilt is quilted, off the frame, the binding and sleeve are attached  - now I can start to admire it!

On the back you can see the quilting much better, I really like that one!


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