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Since my first visit to the quiltstore I owned a Jelly-Roll from hoffmanfabrics. I didn’t know anything about batic fabric or Jelly-Rolls, but I fell in love with these different shades of blue.

There are lots of videos at Youtube about Jelly-Roll-races and a race is a funny thing. But a whole quilt made only with stripes? No, that’s too easy. When I searched through Pinterest, I got the solution: You can applique on a quilt.

Oh dear – another technique to learn. It never stops, so it seems. Again, there are a lot of videos for applique at Youtube. I like this one best: Wendi Gratz and her needleturn-applique.

The fun part was drawing or copying several fish-shapes and choosing the fabric for them. To applique is not easy, at least for me. The long blades of gras were easy, but the shaped fishes and the last one, the octopus! No, applique is not my favorite technique.

But once again, the result was great!


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