2. Christmas Tree Quilt

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I made this quilt for a friend, she liked the octagon shape, but didn’t want a traditional pattern. That’s ok with me, I can’t sew it anyway (yet). She choose the red angel-fabric and some tan background fabric.

That’s why I made this quilt in a complete different way: First I cut the back and put it on the floor to see the dimensions all the time. Then I spread the angels (first photo). One by one I sewed the pieces of background-fabric to the angels.

After all the background-fabric was attached I trimmed the borders and attached the red border.

I made the sandwich and basted it with my new safety-pins. Quilting without being pricked is great. I quilted freemotion, a very exciting procedure. I can’t do patterns, but I’m good a kinks and curls.

As you see on these last photos, the finished quilt is sort of wobbely. It’s not due to bad pressing, but to me.



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