1. Christmas tree Quilt

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I don’t give up. Let’s make the next quilt. Christmas is not far away, so I made a quilt for myself. We don’t have Christmas tree skirts in Germany, but I wanted a quilt to put it under the tree. The fabric had to be busy in case some wax dropped on the quilt. Again I cut squares. This time not for a rectangle quilt, but an octagon!

The seams still don’t meet, but the quilt is bright and funny. When I trimmed the borders I realized that I miscalculated on some places. There are holes in the ‘steps’. Never mind, who cares. But it was very easy to attach the red border to the octagon.

The green binding was as easy. The quilt looks great!!

When Christmas was over, I had to store the quilt for 12 months. I read you shouldn’t fold a quilt. Rolling is allowed. So I bought a pool-noodle and sewed a cover for it. Then I rolled the quilt on the noodle and put it away. Good solution!



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