Urban meets masculin

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Thomas doesn't like quilts. They are too much 'country-style' and old-fashioned.

But because he's well-bred he listened politely when I talked about quiliting and colours during a long walk. Then he asked 'can you make a quilt in these colours?'

A quilt made only of grey fabric?

Yes, I can.


As much different greys as I want to have?

Yes. As much as you want to have and find fabric.



I suggested to add a contrast colour to all that grey, for example a prominent purple or a intense green (we had a lot of plants and flowers around us during that walk).

Really? One can add a purple to that quilt?

Now he was really drawn onto that theme. During the rest of the walk he talked only of colours.

Back at home we choose a pattern - beware of traditional blocks!

He choose this one: color-crush-quilt

Actually I like that pattern. I had already bought fabric for a quilt for ourselves. But our quilt can wait, first I went to raid the quilt-shop with Thomas.

He added two different purples for contrast.

I think this quilt well become very beautiful!!

Thomas was busy to design the placement of the fabrics. In the end he created two layouts:

And I started to sew the blocks, I needed 345 of them. Since accuracy didn't matter at all (great!!!), it was a fast mass-production.

The main ordeal was the ironing, as usual. The blocks had to be 4,5 inches - so I starched the fabric again before I cut the blocks.
But the triangles were easy, I cut them randomly.

Now it was Thomas' turn: he spent several hours to lay out the blocks, moving them, discussing them, trying other layouts - finally the decision was made: that's the design!

The design is phenomenal, really: he wanted large triangles (black and white) in the corners. The triangle become smaller on their way to the middle. In the center of the quilt the triangles change the direction. It looks great!

All what was left was to pile the blocks. We ended with 46 piles - I don't have enough Wonderclips for 46 piles!

The top is almost finished - one last seam. And the purple border is missing.

And that's the finished quilt!
I quilted it only with straight lines in one direction.
I just didn't dare to any other pattern. Kona cotton is very unforgiving - you see every small mistake. And with a quilt of this size I'm sure I would've quilted several small or larger wrinkles (or is plaits the correct expression?).
That left only my usual small swirls or a big spiral (like in Ukraine 15) or straight lines in one direction. The quilt itself is so geometric - Thomas didn't want swirls or spirals. Straight lines it is!
If you click on the photos you can see the quiltlines.



And that's the way the quilt 'lives' now:



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  • Annette
    at 20.12.2019
    A quick quilt, but so lovely! The change from top to bottom makes it striking. Truly a beautiful collaboration.
  • Allison
    at 20.12.2019
    Wow! What a fantastic way to collaborate on the designing and creating of a quilt. It looks just great and very masculine!
    at 20.12.2019
    Teamwork to success! ????

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