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My mother ordered another set of placemats, they should match her breakfast dishes in yellow and lavender. Since she doesn't have access to the internet, I can show the placemats already here - she gets them as a christmas present!

I made several quilts with traditional patterns for my parents, this time I decided to make something different: retro-circles in a pattern from the Seventies.

I chose my absolute favourite technique - appliqué. LOL - we'll never become friends, appliqué and I. But if I decide to appliqué with my machine again, here is the setting:

The circles don't look that bad.
Instead of burying the threads behind the circles (which is difficult because of the bond-a-web behind the circles) I glued them to the back with a glue-pen. I didn't want the lavender thread wander off and shine through the yellow fabric.

That's how they look quilted:

Instead of a binding I made a facing, following this tutorial.

I'm ready for Christmas - now, in the middle of october.



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