Little blue wonder

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This year I really got hitten by the bag-bug. If I read all the blogs correctly, this is the usual way for a quilter...

I already made several small zipper-bags for charging cables, they are done in less then 15 min.

And I made 3 Bionic Gear bags until now.

But I need a small bag that is as organized as the Bionic Gear bag but only a trifle larger than the zipper-bags.

OK! I used the principle of the Gear bag, but changed several details:
Instead of cotton batting for the exterior piece I used Decovil I Light. And I made only two zipper-bags, but behind them is a small place to store flat things like ID-cards, receipts and so on.

I put the 45mm Olfa-cutter on the photo so you can compare the sizes.

The interior:

The bag is so beautiful and organized exactly as I need it - a small blue wonder-bag!

But because of the very stiff Decovil it was no fun to attach the exterior piece and the binding to the small side parts. The side parts are only a good inch wide and the exterior piece so stiff - the two corners at the bottom were extremly tricky to sew.


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