Kindle cover - the third (or forth?)

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One can never have to many kindles or kindle covers.

My current kindle got a scratch on the screen (my fault, not amazons). During the day it's not a problem, but in the dark it produces stripes.

I got a new kindle. And a new kindle has the right to have its own cover! Especially because the old silk-cover shows signs of heavy using. (Yes, I do own the official amazon kindle-hardcover, but it adds so much weight to my purse. I prefer a very light quilted cover.)

I could not think of a pattern that looks great on 5,5 inch width, except the grid is tiny. So I chose a simple checkerboard with a grid of 0,75 inch.

Somehow I managed to sew the binding not straight to the cover.

But it still looks beautiful to me.



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