Hajos Western-Quilt

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My friend Barbara creates wonderful things of horsehair. You can admire her results here: horsehair-hochwald.de.

Barbara wants a gift for her husband, a cuddly quilt. He loves everything concerning the Wild West and the Civil War-time, so of course she choose traditional civil-war-fabric and a traditional pattern - the 9-patch.

When all the bolts laid together in the quilt-shop, they looked great together.
So great that it was boring. There was something missing, some zing! Maybe an intense red in Civil War-fabric? hm - still too boring.

We rummaged through the shelves and found a warm turquoise. Perfect! Used only in a few spots it would create the necessary eye-cather.

If I make quilts with an on-pointe-pattern , I create an excel-sheet first. That's my method to be sure how many side-triangles I need.
The yellow squares are the ones I want to make turquoise later.

And that's the top so far: die rows are put together and the first border is atttached.

Actually we had designed only one big brown border. But I had enough of the other fabric left and the quilt might shrink during quilting and washing. So I decided to sew a narrow stripe in between the brown border.

I cut 1,5 inch stripes and sewed them randomly together. This new big block was cut into 1,5 inch stripes again.

I mixed all these stripes and sewed them together to create a long long chain. This became the 2. border!

The rest of the brown fabric became the 3. border.

Yes, I like it - the top is much more alive now!

Barbara had chosen a funny crazy fabric for the back, lots of roosters. She wanted to combine the roosters with a red fabric.

But - since the top was wider than calculated when we were shopping, I had to make the back wider too. I had enough scraps and even a short piece of the long border-chain - so I could create accents on the back too.

Here come the usual photos during construction...
The quilt is spraybasted on the floor and during quilting (freemotion with cotton-thread).




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