All nine - the huge one

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A friend wants to have a classic Amish-quilt, classic colours and classic pattern.

We chose Kona cotton, these strong bold colours fit perfectly. And the pattern? 9-patches!

The 9-patches are finished, I can start to construct the top.


You can't see it properly on the photo - but this quilt is even now quite big and very long. And it's supposed to get even longer and wider!



My friend wanted straight lines as a quilt-pattern, a standard-grid. But I didn't dare to quilt a grid-pattern. You can see every small fault and wrinkle on solid fabric. And with a quilt of this dimension there will be faults and wrinkles!! At least if I'm the quilter. I think Harriet Hargrave can do it without wrinkles.

No, no straight lines for me. Better swirls. They never cross.
And everything went smoothly, no little plaits. And the quilt is totally flat, no dents in sight.

This huge thing swallowed lots of yarn. It took me more than 450 m Nylon for the top and more than three cones of cotton for the back.

Crazy. And it shrank considerably during the quilting.

Hm. The quilt should fit exactly to the bed. It'd be stupid to finish it, wash it and then realize that it has shrunk again. I took some old fabric and sewed a binding to the quilt. Now my friend has to wash the quilt, dry it and decide himself about length and width. And after that I will cut the quilt and put the final binding on.


The decision is made! The quilt did not end that big, it's 119 inch x 60 inch now - still big enough!

Here you can see the quilt on its final place on the bed:



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  • Carl
    at 20.12.2019
    Liebe Nina,

    Vielen Dank für den wunderschönen Quillt. Eine hochprofessionelle Arbeit die 540 Quadrate in Form zu bringen. Die tollen Farben lachen mich jeden Abend an und wollen jeden Morgen wieder übers Bett drapiert werden.

    Tante grazie Nina

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