Round Robin

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My parents want another table runner. They had no special wish for a pattern, but the table runner should be a square. And the quilt should be empty, without any batting (they were afraid vases with flowers might fall over).

I always wanted to do a Round Robin-quilt - now I had the possibility!

The first border did not go very good - the tiny four-patches don't meet in the corners.

The second border went better. The flying geese don't meet, but then they don't have to.

The third border was difficult, I never made this one before. It was easy to make, but you can see on the photos that not all the squares are in a line. Oh well -

As usual I took Wonder clips for the binding, here are some fotos of the binding.

And that's the finished table-runner! Since it is so 'empty', I quilted it with invisible thread in the ditch. The pattern is so prominent, it doesn't need any fancy quilted swirls.

My husband painted a vase to go with the table-runner - it looks stunning!


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