Freemotion-class with Regina Grewe

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I went to Regina Grewe for a class at freemotion quilting, my results until now were not very good.

And after only one day with her I was able to produce these samplers:

I'm very happy and highly recommend her!

And then I used everything I had learned and made a big sampler quilt. Some of the patterns I got from Regina, some from Leah Day and some from Pinterest.

Block 1-15:

Then I filled the empty space between the blocks. I like the leaves best.

And at both ends I had to quilt feathers! They get better...

This is the finished Quilt, the top in red and the back in a blueish green:



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  • Mary M Gowen
    Mary M Gowen
    at 20.12.2019
    I cannot even imagine doing this, way beyond my skills. It beautiful!!!!!

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