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The next order: Friends wanted to have a quilt for cuddling on their sofa. Since the sofa itself is very multicoloured the quilt should be somewhat calmer.

They choose a wholecloth-quilt - dark chocolate-brown on one side, bright orange on the other. And the quiltyarn matched the colour reversed.

This is the quilt spraybasted on my floor:

I draw the 16 lines for the sparkles with the bluepen (yes, I tested the fabric before drawing - the line disappeared). I used a very thin pen, you can hardly see the lines, but they are fat enough for quilting.

The pattern sounds easy enough - but even with straight-line-stitching the tension collapsed as soon as I sewed backwards. And for every sparkle I had to sew backwards three times!

Again and again the dark brown came up to the front. I tried very often with tension-changing and different stitch-lengths until I reached the best result I could master  - but it was not perfect.

And then I discovered that sometimes (again mostly at the sparkles) on the back side little loops had appeared. Urrgggh!  Not very dramatic, you won't catch them with your toenail, but good quilting looks different.

At the end it wasn't that bad. I couldn't tame the bobbin thread, but most of the quilt turned out ok.

... and it was almost impossbile to take pictures who give credit to the beautiful warm colours! The 3 photos with the details of the sparkles are the best, colourwise.

The bonus was a table-runner.



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