The big project

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I want to make a big quilt for myself. I don’t know yet if it’s gonna be Farmer’s Wife, Nearly Insane or The Loyal Union Sampler.

But I already have the fabric!

Several weeks later:

I made the decision. It will be Farmer's Wife. Nearly Insane is to difficult right now, there are some blocks that have soooo many pieces! I like Elmcreek (and some blocks are the same as in Farmer's Wife), but I really like to be part of that community of quilters who sew Farmer's Wife and communicate through the internet.

I already found a quilter who put all the single pdf-templates of the CD together. Now it's just one pdf with 15 pages.

And I joined the mailing-list of Marti Michell. Every two weeks from now on I will get a chart that tells me which blocks I can sew with her templates (mostly A-D). I already have A and B. Maybe in a some months I have to buy C and D.


I joined a group:

Later: the yahoo-group was fantastic! The quilters were so encouraging and helpful. I was an absolute greenhorn when it came to paperpiecing. I got a lot of hints and advice from the group.


A quilter asked me to post the selvages of my fabric - here are some of them.

Unfortunately I throw away the rest.


To see the blocks click here!

If you want to get an email when I publish a new quilt, please click here.



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