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I made many bags of by ByAnnie - all of them are thick and stiff and look wonderful. And they need a lot of space in the wardrobe.
I wanted another bag that I could fold together. And it should be big (to transport a quilt, for example) and have a zipper. At the moment I transport quilts in a plastic bag from the hardware store. It's not really stylish, is it?

So this bag has no batting at all, I only sewed thin muslin on the inside. As a pattern I always wanted to try the curved Flying Geese (you can find the pattern at Pinterest).
And the rest was easy - making the carrying straps and the zipper is now easy-peasy.

Elaine Theriault recommends to play with your sewing machine. I did it - and added a red embroidery stitch to the white topstitching. I like it!



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