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Finally! I got the book more than a year ago, but didn't want to start a 2nd applique project during Dutch Treat. Dutch Treat is done (at least the blocks) - let's go!


On the page of the authors Pieceocake there are lot of videos for the technique used in this quilt. With these videos and everything I learned from Regina Grewe I feel confident to start that quilt.

I started with two very easy blocks to practise the handling. There was no need for working with Overlays during Dutch Treat, so that's new for me.


3 trees:

3 Stars


The result: the handling is easy.
But I have to be careful with the complicated blocks. I have to place the pieces very precise underneath the overlay.
And: during Dutch Treat I was used to a very stable underground, because it consisted always of two big pieces of fabric. Here it's different. I must not pull the thread too tight, otherwise the background fabric will shrink too much und look pleated.

And oops - I have only 4 colours of Superior Bottom Line! I won't go far with that. I ordered a ring with 35 bobbins (that's what amazon is there for).

Well - then I started to think.
I have some darkblue fabric. During the weeks I planned Dutch Treat I went through all quiltshops I saw with a tunnel vision of 'Indigo-fabric for Dutch Treat'. I bought several, always a small amount, 10 or 15 inches. None of them did rip me of my stool, none of them was indigo enough. Then I found the british shop and got the shweshwe-indigos there.
So for more than a year I have a bunch of darkblue fabric - perfect for the Northpole!


I made the 2 blocks already with this fabric. But then - as I said - I started to think. I don't want to have the same background fabric for two adjoining blocks.  I need a plan!
The book gives the measurements to rough-cut the blocks (they have to be bigger at the beginning because they may - and will - shrink during appliqueing). 
Ok - I cut the remaining 14 blocks of newsprint paper:


and distributed the paper on the blue fabrics, always with the book in hand: which block adjoins which one? (Sorry if the photo is dark - it was late in the evening)

Yep, there was enough fabric. I cut the 14 blocks right away. The blocks with there newspaper-templates are stowed away on the shelf.
I can start with the 3. block! This time Sprinkles Ice Cream Shoppe.

But - what kind of fabric shall I use for the blocks? I don't have that many different colourfully patterned fabrics, and plaid fabric not at all.
But who says my Northpole has to look like the one in the book?
I have a whole bunch of Christmas fabric which I problably will never use up - let's do a christmassy Northpole!


I started with the easiest house, Sprinkles Ice Cream Shoppe. On this photo the house itself is already done. (For documentation I show this block in steps. The rest of the blocks will be shown only when finished.)

Overlay on top and piece No 2 positioned below:

Piece No 2 ist done, piece No 3 already in place:

Piece No 3 is done, Overlay on top and piece No 4 is placed:

Snow, roof and treestump are done:

The second roof is done, and the treestump got a tree:

All that's left are small pieces. But Christmas presents have a higher priority!


Well -

Pinterest, our all friend and helper, knows that I'm looking for pictures of that quilt. And showed me this photo: Quilt von Helma de Jong. I asked Helma and she kindly allowed me to show her photo here:


Now that is something different!

Hm - I think I have to reconsider my decision to use only Christmas fabric. How about green and silver on the dark blue background? I played in EQ7 with several colours (it didn't work as I hoped, EQ7 has no silver and not the greeens I'm looking for):


I have to check my stash. I dream of something like emerald, silver, soft green and blue and maybe turquoise or so. Maybe as an accent burgundy red.


Hey - have a look! These blocks were made of my stash. I'm afraid I have to make Sprinkles Icecream Shoppe again in these cool colours - I'd love to!
I am curious how the blocks will look at the end, so far I appliqued only the fabric pieces. But I started collecting some decoration stuff. I want to sew it on after the quilting.

Stay tunded!


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Comments (3)

  • Carla
    at 18.11.2018
    Looking very good and it's a great idea to cUT your blocks out so you know you have enough. I used freever paper as a template on my last applique quilt less chance of making a cutting error
  • Sarah
    at 19.11.2018
    This is going to be a lovely project and the ring of bobbins are such lovely colours!
  • Jocelyn Thurston
    Jocelyn Thurston
    at 20.11.2018
    This is a fabulous winter project. I love how carefully you are doing your planning...I could take a lesson! Happy Stitching.

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