The blocks!

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I make them in the order of Marti Michells templates. But after the first block I decided to use the Easy Angle Ruler. My blocks turn out more precise with that ruler.
I think I will use Martis templates later when it comes to cut fabric for paper piecing.

But right now I do the first blocks and they are easy.


Yes, fiddlesticks! I reached Paper Piecing. The good thing is that even the most complicated blocks turn out perfect. But only because you have to add lots of seamallowance. After the piecing you cut the allowance away. I couldn't use Martis templates for that - they are too small!

I already have the ruler 'Add enough'. It's wonderful for measuring squares, rectangles, triangles and even odd shapes and calculating the fabric for the piece. And very easy! During piecing you can use that ruler for the folding of the paper (instead of a postcard for example).

And I own the ruler 'Add-a-quarter', that's for cutting the seamallowance.

And you don't need anything else for Papier-Piecing, except paper!

I got the pdf-file for the blocks on the yahoo-group-site.

I made a tutorial how to use everything, the example is block 13.


These are the finished blocks:

To see the whole quilt click here!


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  • Dagmar Meißner
    Dagmar Meißner
    at 31.12.2015
    Traumhaft, sag mal - ich denke Du arbeitest noch nebenbei? Oder hast gerade Urlaub, das Du ab dem Wochenende von 55 auf
    72 erhöht hast. Wahnsinn ich werde neidisch :-)
  • Nina
    at 31.12.2015
    Grins - ich lasse einfach essen, schlafen, soziales Leben und sonstwas weg - schon reicht die Zeit....
  • lynne clifton
    lynne clifton
    at 09.03.2018
    i like the blockno 18 is there a pattern for it pleasr
  • Nina
    at 09.03.2018
    Hi Lynne,
    Join the (free) yahoo-group ,
    You get all the paper piecing patterns there. Otherwise buy the book...
  • Terri
    at 17.03.2018
    I am almost done with my Farmer's Wife. Only 4 more blocks to go!! After making the first four or five blocks I switched to Paper Piecing. You're right, it is so much easier, especially with the blocks with lots of little pieces. I love your colorway. What a great idea to make a tab just for the one quilt and to have a page just be for all the blocks. When i finish mine I want to put them on my blog just like you. I see you don't have a place on your comment info for blog addresses. Mine is You can see my quilts listed in the "Provenances" tab. I wish there was a way to follow your blog so I could see each one you publish.
    • Nina
      at 18.03.2018
      Hi Terri, thank you! I visited your blog - I like it!
      And you are right - there is no way to 'follow' me, because I'm not at google (no blogspot-adress), my site is not a blog. But you can see all my new quilts in the Gallery, usually I post photos already during the making. Try Gallery 2018 and click on a photo.
      I finished two of the Big Four (Farmer's Wife and Nearly Insane), two are still in the making (Dear Jane and Dutch Treat). I post every new block as soon as it's done.
  • Marilim
    at 21.04.2018
    Hola cómo estás me parece maravilloso todos estos diseños y me ha servido muchísimo por qué yo no sé nada de esto muchas gracias Dios la bendiga.
    • Nina
      at 21.04.2018
      ¡Muchas gracias!

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